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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me a brochure? Highly detailed full colour brochures featuring our products and their applications are available to download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format here.

What are the differences between Polyurethane Mouldings and Traditional Plaster Mouldings? Our mouldings are much lighter and sturdier than plaster mouldings making them easier to install. Installation of our mouldings is simple and clean and does not require the use of skilled labour. Our mouldings are waterproof and knock resistant. Only one coat of paint is required as our mouldings do not absorb paint.

What kind of paint and preparation should be used? These products are very high quality and are delivered pre-primed so you do not have to apply undercoat. A slight sanding and cleaning of the mouldings before painting is strongly recommended in order to avoid all dust on the surface and ensure a good adhesion of the paint to the moulding. We advise you to use an acrylic based paint which has a degree of 'elasticity' in it that can absorb minute movements between wall and ceiling without cracking.

What about fire regulations? Mouldings are regarded as decorative rather than part of a building structure, so are not subject to normal fire regulations (rather like hanging curtains, or mounting a painting). However if there is any chance that they will come into contact with open flame or a temperature in excess of 350 Celsius, they should be treated with a flame retardant paint. Please contact us for further details.

What do I use to cut coving with? A standard, medium tooth, cross-cut saw is all that is required. Remember that the mitre box must have a sufficiently high backplate that is appropriate to the coving / cornice you are cutting. Mitre boxes / chop saws designed for cutting picture frames aren't usually suitable. Tools designed specifically to achieve professional results are available to order from the Adhesive & Tools page.

Can these mouldings be installed in humid areas or outside? Yes. Be sure to use DecoFix Hydro adhesive and an appropriate extrior grade paint.

What is required in terms of maintenance? With the exception of occasional cleaning and painting as needed, our mouldings do not require maintenance.

Do your products carry a warranty? Our mouldings are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from date of purchase when properly installed using the correct adhesives in accordance with the instructions provided. If in the event of defect, the warranty is limited to the replacement of defective material only without any other expressed or implied warranties.

What are the benefits of Flexible Coving and Panel Mouldings? The flexible system is a unique range of products which are made to complement our rigid mouldings. Applications suited to flexible mouldings include bay window areas, alcoves, ceiling curves and radius walls.

Flexible mouldingsThe key benefits of flexible mouldings are: rubberised composition allows for easy forming on site; very tight radiuses are achievable with slimmer profiles to suit alcoves; flexi mouldings are supplied in easy to install 2 metre lengths; hours of costly on-site labour can be avoided; gentle curves on larger cornices and mouldings will accomodate bay window ceilings and walls; cost effective, when used in conjunction with our rigid profiles.

When considering flexible mouldings, please refer to the table below for details of the minimum bend radius that you will be able to acheive. Click the following link to download a PDF document detailing flexible moulding installation information.


Orac Flexible Moulding minimum radius   Orac Flexible Moulding minimum radius   Orac Flexible Moulding minimum radius
Ref R Min. (m) Ref R Min. (m) Ref R Min. (m) R* Min. (m)
C.200F 1.6 C.302F 2.5 P1020F 0.3 0.8
C.201F 2.0 C.303F 1.8 P2020F 0.3 0.8
C.211F 2.5 C.304F 2.5 P3020F 0.5 1.8
C.212F 1.2 C.305F 3.4 P4020F 0.4 2.0
C.213F 2.8 C.308F 1.2 P.5020F 0.3 /
C.214F 1.4 C.321F 1.4 P.5021F 0.2 0.7
C.215F 1.6 C.322F 1.6 P.6020F 0.3 2.5
C.216F 3.4 C.331F 2.0 P.7010F 0.2 /
C.217F 3.8 C.333F 3.0 P.7020F 0.3 /
C.218F 3.6 C.334F 3.8 P.7030F 0.3 /
C.220F 4.0 C.339F 3.8 P.7040F 0.4 /
C.230F 1.5 - - - - -
C.240F 2.7 C.402F 3.0 - - /
C.250F 0.7 C.602F 1.0 P.7070F 0.3 2.3
C.260F 1.3 C.901F 6.0 P.8020F 0.4 1.3
C.301F 3.2 C.902F 6.0 P.8030F 0.2 0.7
        P.8040F 0.3 /
CX100F 2.0 CX127F 2.4 P.8050F 0.8 2.0
CX109F 1.6 CX132F 0.7 P.8060F 0.8 2.0
CX110F 1.8 CX148F 1.8 P.9010F 0.4 3.1
CX124F 1.6     P.9020F 0.3 /
        P.9040F 0.3 0.8
        P.9050F 0.2 0.6
        P.9900F 0.2 2.5
        P.9901F 0.2 1.8
        DX157F 0.35 2.6
        PX103F 0.2 0.8
        PX120F 0.3 1.1
        PX144F 0.2 2.2