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P5020 Dado Rail

P5020 Dado Rail

Price: £38.60
(£32.17 exc. VAT)
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The P5020 is a reeded panel mould design covering 9.1cm in height, and just 1.3cm in projection. This design can be used to vertically to create a slim pilaster. To ease installation and avoid fiddly mitre cuts why not create an even more distinctive appearance by using the P5020B corner block? Also available as a Flexible option for curved walls.

Choose the Orac P5020 reeded panel mould for rooms requiring a broad, but simple decorative relief. Sometimes used on Orangery uprights, the Luxxus P5020 panel moulding also works well as a dado. If you have curved walls use the flexible P5020F which has a radius minimum of 30cm.

Each moulding is made from lightweight polyurethane, and you don't need to be a tradesman to do a good job. Having the right tools will help, so fit each 2 metre dado using a saw, pencil, tape, cartridge gun, and Orac adhesives. Corners may require a mitre box for the best results. If you are considering this panel moulding as trim around a door or loft hatch why not cut out the need for mitre cuts, and select the corner block listed below. P5020 panel moulding / dado samples can be ordered below.

Install using the correct adhesives.

9.1cm high x 1.3cm deep x 200cm long.

Light weight resilient polyurethane.

Available as both rigid and flexible mouldings (radius minimum 30cm).

Technical drawing PDF

Flexi moulding Installation guide

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