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P4020 Dado Rail

P4020 Dado Rail

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P4020 panel moulding is a pronounced 2.9cm high x 5cm (to wall) dado suited to older style properties. Rigid and Flexi options are available for curved walls.

This symmetrical panel moulding / dado works well as a bold division on a wall. In many instances House Martin customers pick this to create a finishing point for boldly patterned wall papers, and then decorate the P4020 dado in a white gloss and feature a pale pastel colour above. Use of the P4020 panel moulding is by no means limited to wall applications, as the design can bring striking relief to otherwise bland high ceilings. Ideally put the P4020 panel moulding about 20 centimetres in from the forward edge of your chosen cornice profile. The C321 cornice is a good example.

With all our panel mouldings you can be assured of a consistent finish as the lightweight material sticks readily to most walls using our cartridge based adhesives. For curved walls use the flexible P4020F which has a radius minimum on walls of 40cm and arches of 200cm. If creating wall panels there is the corner option of the P4020A.

No mechanical fixing are needed. There is no need to drag out your decorating over several days, as on Day 1 you can install it and on Day 2 add just one top coat. P4020 panel moulding / dado samples are available to order below.

Install using the correct adhesives.

5cm high x 2.9cm deep x 200cm long.

Light weight resilient polyurethane.

Available as both rigid and flexible mouldings (radius minimum 40cm, arch 200cm).

Technical drawing PDF

Flexi moulding Installation guide

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