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C250 Mini Coving

C250 Mini Coving

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The Orac C250 is a tiny cornice coving profile. The discrete design features the classic concave coving profile, but on a very small scale at 1.6 x 1.6 cm in height and projection. Also available as a flexible coving for curved wall with the ability to bend to a radius of 70cm.

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So if it is so small why use it? Firstly on New Build or refurbished properties small coving profiles are often sufficient for hiding the ugly cracks that appear as newly plastered walls contract. Secondly as a bathroom coving this neat little product acts as a smooth edge when the walls are wiped down to avoid the mould growth that can appear in humid conditions.

As with the rest of the Orac Luxxus range the C250 cornice coving is supplied with a primer coat pre-applied to saving both the trade and DIY customers time and money. The lightweight polyurethane material can be fitted quickly with FDP500 in dry rooms, or FDP700 Hydro in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Remember to select FX210 joint adhesive to get the best results.

The C250 cornice coving can be supplied from Aberdeen to Hove and throughout Europe. We will ship your requirements to your door. Ideal for bathroom cornice coving and bedroom cornice coving. Samples are available to order below.

Install using the correct adhesives.

1.5cm high x 1.5cm deep x 200cm long.

Made from Light weight resilient polyurethane.

Available as both rigid and flexible mouldings (radius minimum 70cm).

Technical drawing PDF

Coving installation guide

Flexi moulding installation guide

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