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KD1 Doric Column

KD1 Doric Column

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The Orac Luxxus KD1 Doric column is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Used inside the home the KD1 column will add style to bathrooms, or as an attractive decorative "support" where two rooms have been brought together to create a larger living space. These Orac architectural columns are also widely used to cloak tanalised timber and steel supports used under purpose built canopies. Selecting the right columns for your application can be a daunting task, so we will be happy to offer guidance.

Made from tough and hardened polyurethane our KD1 ornamental Doric Columns have been used to great effect in Torquay, Devon to enhance the ticket office of the HiFlyer balloon tourist attraction. Each complete KD1 column is 2430mm tall, and is constructed from a plain shaft, simple Doric capital, and stylish round base. Many customers choose to use this clean uncluttered column design under canopies and porticoes. The KD1 is an ideal column for use underneath canopies where space is restricted. The 320mm diameter K1152 base takes very little floor space, and is constructed from the same tough duropolymer material. The K1112 capital features the simple Doric ring, and extends 300mm above the column shaft. Remember that our columns are purely decorative, for best results install a steel support into the ground. Then sleeve our KD1 components over the support. Exterior applications require FDP700 adhesive on the underside of the plinth, and FX200 extra fix to join components together. The top edge of the capital should be stuck to the canopy soffit with FDP700. All House Martin columns are supplied with a base white primer, and will need only the final coat of paint once installed. External columns in the UK are typically painted white, whilst interior columns can be finished in any colour to match the decor.

Customers choosing this style for exterior application can create extra height by mounting the unit on a brick base. Each course of bricks will typically add 70mm in height. Customers looking for this style of Doric Column may reduce the overall height by using a small toothed saw to cut the base of the K1102 plain shaft. Typical applications for abbreviated columns have included decorative supports around restaurant bars.

Install using the correct adhesives.

Maximum Height: 2.43 metres.

Made from High density, rigid polyurethane.

Components: K1112 Slim Doric Capital, K1102 Slim Plain Shaft, K1152 Small Round Plinth

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