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KD1H Doric Half Column

KD1H Doric Half Column

Price: £307.40
(£256.17 exc. VAT)
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The Orac Luxxus KD1H Doric half column is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Used inside the home the KD1 column will add style to bathrooms, or as an attractive decorative "support" where two rooms have been brought together to create a larger living space. Orac architectural half columns are also widely used in conjunction with full KD1 columns under purpose built canopies. Typically the KD1H half columns are used as pilasters either side of a doorway, with 2 KD1 columns under the forward corners of a canopy.

Use two half columns to surround a support and one to fit flat against a wall. Each complete KD1H column is 2430mm tall, and is constructed from a plain shaft, simple Doric capital, and stylish half round base. Many House Martin customers choose to use this clean uncluttered column design under canopies and porticoes. The KD1H is an ideal Doric half column for use against walls where a flat roof extension has been added to a lounge. Rather than have a bland aperture and unsightly boxed in RSJ, why not create a feature with our decorative mouldings? The C300 coving can be added to create a tiered recess in both the original room, and extension. Rather than leaving a room looking like a budget extension, the addition of columns and coving can create a stylish purpose built look.

Install using the correct adhesives.

Maximum Height: 2.43 metres.

Made from High density, rigid polyurethane.

Components: K1111 Slim Doric Half Capital, K1101 Slim Plain Half Shaft, K1151 Small Round Half Plinth

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