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KD2 Doric Column

KD2 Doric Column

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The KD2 Orac column offers the traditional Doric style, but with the added benefit of a square plinth. The KD2 comes with a slim plain 22cm shaft and tall 57cm high base, and retains the K1112 Doric capital from the shorter KD1 design. The KD2 column can be used inside or outside the home, although at 2.88 metres tall it will tend to work best inside buildings with high ceilings. If a square base is important and installation is below a low ceiling it may be necessary to trim the base slightly, or the base of the shaft.

Orac decorative columns are made from lightweight, but tough and hard man made materials that offer significant advantages over traditional alternatives. Each KD2 column has a nominal 10mm wall thickness, and is far more solid than glass reinforced plastic alternatives. The KD2 can be used externally underneath porticoes and porches, and will accept textured Sandtex paint if a rough stone finish is required. The columns pictured above are installed outside The Doneraile Nursing Home. The KD2 Orac columns were chosen as they offered a compact 35cm base allowing easy access for wheel chairs, whilst fitting in to the character of the property.

To enhance an external elevation still further why not use 2 x KD2 columns, with 2 x KD2H half columns as pilasters either side of a front door? We supply decorative columns from St.Ives to Scotland and throughout Europe.

Install using the correct adhesive.

Maximum Height: 2.88 metres.

Made from High density, rigid polyurethane.

Components: K1112 Slim Doric Capital, K1102 Slim Plain Shaft, K1132 Tall Square Plinth

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