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What is Orac Decor Duropolymer?

Orac Decor Duropolymer is a high density extruded polystyrene product. This light weight easy to install product has already made huge impacts in particularly European countries, with many builders specifying Orac Decor Duropolymer over Plaster. Light weight, easy to install with adhesives and simple to transport means Orac Decor Duropolymer is making waves in the decorating world.

Orac Decor Duropolymer coving is created with heating and extrusion through small moulds. By forcing the Polymer through a mould, the material reacts with oxygen, creating the array of different shape and sizes we supply at House Martin. Coving, Cornice and Skirting are great examples of Orac Decor Duropolymer working to provide solutions around the house or current project.

With this production process Orac Decor Duropolymer can be created in Flexible mouldings which are ideal for any non-90-degree walls and ceilings you may have around the home. Helping to create unity in your project with rigid and flexible designs matching.

Orac Decor Duropolymer coving cornice with its advanced manufacturing process allows sharp fine details, adding definition to lines.

Orac Decor Duropolymer is lightweight and easy to install by an individual. With the low weight and strong rigidness of the Orac Decor Duropolymer material delivery often results in very few breakages. Compared to plaster which is heavy and breaks easily in transport.

Orac Decor Duropolymer cornice is easy to cut with a standard saw similar to wood. Finishing gaps and mitres can easily be achieved with our selection of adhesives. No need to mix messy wet plaster!

Orac Decor Duropolymer is easily paintable and comes pre-primed. One coat of good quality paint is all that is needed as Orac Decor Duropolymer coving does not absorb the paint. Resulting in less man hours and overall cost.

Orac Decor Duropolymer cornice can be used in damp environments such as pool areas, kitchens and bathrooms as it is water resistant. Allowing for a range of different applications with Orac Decor Duropolymer.

From exterior Gallows Brackets to interior skirting why not consider Orac Decor Duropolymer in your next project?.