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What Adhesive To Use Installing Coving

Installing polyurethane coving with the correct adhesives is always recommended to ensure a good bond and a seamless finish for many years. Each manufacturer has its own adhesives to use. House Martin always recommends using the correct adhesives with the corresponding respective manufacturers. All of our adhesives we supply are in tubes which require a cartridge gun which we also supply directly.

See below for our manufacturers adhesive pages. A description of the different types of adhesives each manufacturer offers and what will work best for your build is below.

Orac Decor has three adhesives in its range. FDP500 is the go to standard adhesive to be used indoors with all Orac Decor products from cornice to panel mouldings and skirting. These are supplied in 310ML tubes and can go a long way in your project.

Orac Decor has a extra strength adhesive. This is named the FDP700, having a different formulation allowing external fixing of Orac Decor products such as external cornice or columns. The extra strength adhesive is also recommended to be used on any fresh plaster which may still contain moisture. Damp environments such as kitchens and bathrooms also benefit from this extra strength adhesive guaranteeing a good "grab" every single time. The FDP 700 is supplied in 290ML tubes.

Orac also manufacture the FX range of adhesives, the FX200 extra and the FX210 extra. The same product, with the FX210 being a handy 80ML tube for smaller projects. This jointing adhesive is similar to a model aircraft fixing adhesive, gently melting the two sides of a polyurethane product. The FX hardens creating a tough long lasting join. Rub down any excess before the product hardens with acetone or synthetic thinner.

NMC has the Decor Grip the standard adhesive in the NMC range. This cost effective adhesive offers great coverage for all NMC products and allows fixing for interior products. These 310ML tubes just like the FDP500 should not be used in damp environments.

The Decor Grip Plus is the extra strength adhesive in the NMC range. This all in one adhesive offers high strength fixing capabilities for both damp environments inside and fixing NMC products outside. Any fresh plaster or damp environments like a bathroom require Decor Grip Plus, to guarantee fixing of all NMC Polyurethane products. This product is also the manufacturers recommended jointing adhesive, used as a two in one product. Rub down any excess with a damp cloth before the adhesive dries.

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