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Skirting Boards and Architrave UK North East Sunderland Newcastle York Hull

House Martin skirting boards and architrave delivered throughout the North West of England, as well as the major cities of Sunderland, Newcastle, York and Hull. Dispatched for next day delivery* our skirting boards and architrave are easy to install. Select from our large range and order online or by phone.

Deliveries & Service:  Deliveries throughout the North East are to your door and normally we can deliver the next day. Please email or phone if you have anything you wish to ask. Samples can be ordered from each product page, and these will be sent by post.

House Martin Mouldings: Our skirting board and architrave is made from hardened polyurethane. This makes them waterproof, strong and hard. Flexible options are a unique solution for curved walls and arches. Panel mouldings can be used to increase depth and lighting features added to the skirting boards.

Installation: DIY skills are all needed that is needed to install. House Martin skirting board and architrave is simpler to install than wooden skirting boards and architrave. Wooden skirting board and architrave is supplied unfinished and needs sanding, knotting and painting with priming. House Martin skirting board and architrave is delivered with this is all done. Simply fix our skirting boards and architrave with our specially formulated adhesives and then finish with a final coat of paint. All orders are supplied with our instruction leaflet.

Benefits of Polyurethane: Hardened polyurethane has the advantages of plastic, but unlike alternative plastic skirting boards and architrave, our joints can be smoothed with glass paper and caulking, then painted. Any repairs at a later stage can be made exactly as with wood. Our product is harder than most pine skirting boards and architrave which are easily dented. Hardened polyurethane is completely waterproof, a big advantage over MDF and wood. Bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms all benefit from this, as does any hard floor. Many of our designs have a flexible option which is a unique aspect of our products to be used with curved walls and bays.