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Skirting Boards and Architrave Top 10 - Review and Guide

Here we present our: 'Top 10' and 'Best Of' skirting boards and architrave; with our review, comparison and guide. Whether you are DIY fitting skirting boards and architrave or having a professional builder install, this page should help with your decision of which skirting boards and architrave to choose.

House Martin Mouldings: Our mouldings are a high end product with the qualities of being impervious to moisture, strong and hard, and many with flexible options for curved walls. Panel mouldings can be used to enhance designs and lighting features added.

DIY or Professional Installation? This is not really an issue as all that is required is general DIY skills. Polyurethane skirting board and architrave is easier to install than wood and much less work. No making good nail head dents, no knotting and far less painting. Simply apply to the wall with adhesive, cut corner mitres in a mitre box, make good the joints if need be with glass paper and the adhesive and paint the final coat to finish. All deliveries come with an instruction guide.

Polyurethane or Wood? Polyurethane is a plastic, but unlike most plastic skirting boards and architrave, can be finished and painted. Polyurethane can be repaired as can wood, but wood involves much more finishing and painting to install. Polyurethane is a hardened material and is knock resistant whereas wooden skirting boards are normally a soft wood and easily dented. Polyurethane is impervious to moisture a major advantage over wood and MDF. The flexible options are a unique feature for curved walls.

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Top 10 & Best Sellers:
SX118 Is our best selling skirting board. Classic profile and a good size. Also available as flexible skirting board.
SX104 A lovely contemporary design and a popular choice. Also able to conceal cables.
SX167 Stunning design for those wishing to make a statement. Lots of room for cables.
SX165 A small skirting board also available as flexible for curved wall. Ideal as an alternative finish for laminate flooring.
SX156 For those wanting a taller skirting board. At 200mm this is great choice.
P8 Architrave door set. Ornate and classic. Fluted shafts, ornate capitals and classic plinths.
KX003 Architrave door set with plinths is a consistent favourite.
DX119 Used in our door sets this is a best seller.
DX121 An alternative design to the DX119 with a cleaner look.
P9010 A panel moulding often used as architrave where an arch is involved, see our main link picture above