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Skirting Boards and Architrave for New Build, Extensions and Retro Fit

For new build, extensions and retro fit installations House Martin skirting boards and architrave is the perfect choice. Our skirting board and architrave designs are high end quality products, quickly delivered, fast to install and finish. Combined with our comprehensive range of mouldings, we are a one stop supplier.

House Martin Mouldings: Our mouldings made from hardened polyurethane are impervious to moisture, strong and tough. Many of the designs have flexible options for curved walls and arches. Use panel mouldings to create individual designs or add lighting features to the skirting boards.

DIY or Professional Skirting Board Installation? Installation is so easy it only requires general DIY skills. House Martin skirting board and architrave is simpler to install than wood and quicker. No preparing wooden boards finishing ready for priming and multiple coats of paint. Fix directly to the wall with adhesive and paint with a top coat. All orders are supplied with adhesive instructions.

Polyurethane or Wooden Architrave & Skirting? Hardened polyurethane is a plastic, but unlike most plastic skirting boards and architrave, these can be finished and painted. They can be repaired exactly as wooden skirting board and architrave, however wood skirting board and architrave involves much more finishing and painting. Polyurethane is a hardened material compared to most wooden skirting boards and architrave which are normally soft wood and easily dented. Hardened polyurethane is completely impervious to moisture, a major advantage over wood and MDF. Imagine all the benefits at floor level. Flexible options in many of the designs are a unique feature of our designs for curved walls and bays.

Deliveries & Service? Samples can be ordered from each product page, a great service for trade and retail. Deliveries are to your door or customer, and normally we can deliver next working day for an order placed in the morning. Contact us by email or phone any questions you may have.