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D Profile 45x135mm
45 x 135 x 2500mm
Price: £49.68
(£41.40 exc. VAT)
D Profile 45x220mm
45 x 220 x 2500mm
Price: £77.83
(£64.86 exc. VAT)
D Profile 45x300mm
45 x 300 x 2500mm
Price: £87.36
(£72.80 exc. VAT)
D Profile 75x200mm
75 x 200 x 2500mm
Price: £94.70
(£78.92 exc. VAT)


Pipe Boxing D Moulding The House Martin D Moulding "Box in Pipes" system has been designed to disguise unsightly vertical pipes and wires, particularly those that run down in the centre of a room and cannot be hidden by an "L" shaped profile. We offer these with a projection of 45mm or 75mm. The overall width of the smallest size is sufficient to encase 15, 22, or 28mm copper pipes.

Manufactured in the UK from sustainably sourced materials, our deeper profile can also accommodate larger pvc waste pipes used by "white goods" such as washing machines and dishwashers.

All House Martin D profiles are made from a tough laminate, and feature an easy clean white melamine exterior surface.