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Orac Noblesse Moulding Range

Traditional profiles you know, combined together with a dash of seamless colour. Create tranquil environments using a fresh colour scheme and high skirting. Use Dado Rails to create borders with skirting allowing walls and ceilings to blend together. For a modern twist, incorporate LED lighting helping to make a space feel larger and providing energy efficient lighting. See below for inspiring images and products.

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This project was realised with the following products: C323, C332, D340, DX170-2300, DX174-2300, P9020 and SX156.

Orac Noblesse Range

SX156 Skirting P9020 Architrave D340 Plinth DX174-2300 Architrave

Orac Noblesse Range

SX156 Skirting DX170-2300 Architrave C323 Coving C332 Coving

Orac Noblesse Range

SX156 Skirting P9020 Architrave