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Alternative Lightweight Coving to Plaster Cornice Mouldings

Orac lightweight coving, supplied by House Martin, is arguably a huge improvement in comparison to plaster cornice mouldings. Made from Orac Decor Duropolymer® the material is easy to work with and quick to install. Yet once fitted this lightweight coving is indistinguishable from plaster cornice mouldings.

Compared to plaster cornice mouldings, Orac lightweight coving has many advantages:

  • Orac Decor lightweight coving indistinguishable from plaster cornice mouldings when installed.
  • Orac Decor lightweight coving can be used on false ceilings and suspended ceilings.
  • Orac Decor lightweight coving can be installed by one person much quicker. Fix with adhesive.
  • Orac Decor lightweight coving is strong and shock resistant. Simply cut with a saw.
  • Orac Decor lightweight coving is primed and only requires a final top coat of paint.
  • Orac Decor lightweight coving will not develop cracks.

Plaster cornice mouldings have significant disadvantages:

  • Plaster coving is heavy. Installation normally requires two people and is messy and time consuming.
  • Plaster coving is also fragile and easily broken. This is a problem both in delivery and installation.
  • Plaster coving is porous and requires multiple coats of paint.
  • Plaster coving expands and contracts due to moisture and temperature. This leads to cracking.

Order samples to see the quality of these lightweight coving products compared to plaster cornice mouldings.