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Coving & Cornice Top 10 - Advice and Guidance

On this page we would like to give you our: 'Top 10' and 'Best Of'; with a guide and advice, review and comparison. To help in your decision with the different options of coving and cornice. Whether you are having your coving cornice installed professionally or are fitting it yourself.

Professional or DIY installation? Unlike plaster or gyproc this really is not an issue. All that is required is general DIY skills. Take a look at our installation video. Plaster coving cornice tends to need a professional to install. Due to the weight of plaster the coving cornice often needs to be 'pinned' to give support whilst it sets and these pins are then removed afterwards. Polyurethane coving and cornice is lightweight so it is simply a case of applying the adhesive and pressing firmly into position. Cutting the mitres is again simple. Mark the mitre with a pencil and cut in a mitre block. All deliveries come with an instruction guide.

Polystyrene or Plaster? There is a question in the minds of some that polyurethane is not a traditional material such as plaster. However the question is easily turned around. If this had been available before plaster, why would anyone then use plaster? A complete material comparison is on our Coving Cornice Home Page. However, there are so many advantages which make polyurethane the best choice. All coving cornice is supplied with a coat of white primer, so only the top coat of paint is required.

Deliveries & Service? All deliveries are to your door, so there is no need to be concerned how to transport long lengths. An order in the morning will generally be delivered next day (excluding weekends, although Saturday deliveries can be arranged for an additional charge). We are available on the phone for any questions you may have and are pleased for you to call. Please see our testimonials.

Choosing the profile for you? Start with our Coving and Cornice Home Page. Luxxus is our Premium range. Axxent is our Standard range. Basixx is our Budget range. Samples are available to order from the individual product pages.

Top 10 & Best Sellers:
CX106 Is our best selling coving cornice. A good size for most rooms, classic profile and a competitive price.
CX127 Another good seller. Slightly smaller coving cornice than the CX106, but the same classic style profile.
CX123 This profile will work just about anywhere, in any room in the house.
CX109 Ideal coving cornice for smaller rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.
CX100 Another popular coving cornice which works well with CX127 and CX106.
C213 A quality coving cornice, suited to bedrooms and hallways.
C217 This lovely coving cornice profile works well in ground floor and larger rooms.
C333 Without being too big, this is a popular coving cornice throughout the home.
CB501 A highly competitive budget coving cornice with contemporary styling.
CB531 This stepped contemporary coving cornice has proved popular for the budget installer.

We hope this introduction helps. Please contact us if you have any questions.