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Skirting Cover 45x190mm

Skirting Cover 45x190mm

Price: £39.36
(£32.80 exc. VAT)
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Our tallest 45mm skirting cover profile. Each profile will adequately encase small bore copper pipes placed tight against a wall. Using these pre-finished skirting covers you will greatly enhance the appearance of your home. Boxing in pipes is the only alternative for concrete floor flats. Often fitted without skirting to reduce costs.

Standard carriage for this product only applies to UK Mainland.

The 2.5 metre long Skirting Cover pipe encasement system is ideal product to enhance the appearance of any home. Use this to box in 15mm or 22mm heating pipes. The product can be used at high or low level, and on corner drops. Protect from hot pipes and cover to avoid trapped dirt.

Material Thickness: 5mm

Dimensions: 190mm H x 2500mm L

Projection: 45mm

Internal Angle: 115 degrees

Finish: White Melamine

Product Code: A1-TK45190W5

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