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Adding Value...


At House Martin we supply a range of big and small products. Installing a large Column into a room is a bold way to make a statement , however the Column needs to fit in with the style and objective of the space. Recently one of our staff had the task of modernising a lounge area. The room is the heart of the house, walking through the lounge you are greeted with a newly fitted kitchen and extension. The lounge was unfortunately untouched resulting in two very different rooms directly next to each other. The house is young, twenty years old in fact had a very classical Coving style installed perfect for a vintage style property. Not in keeping with the new kitchen however.

Edwardian style Coving with a painted white area and a picture rail at the bottom.


With this we set to work with a plan, the brief was simple a plain modern coving with uplighter below. Using this combination will help to defuse the light in a effective and pleasing manner. Firstly, we needed to remove the old Cornice which was plaster. Removing the plaster coving was dreadful! Often overlooked is the sheer dust and time it can take to remove heavy Coving. Due to its weight plaster coving is strongly adhered to the wall and ceiling. The chisels came out, and the chaos began.


Chaos it was! Extremely messy and time-consuming task (Polyurethane would have been much easier to remove!)


With the old Plaster coving out of the way we made sure to then fully sand down the areas to allow for a smoother installation of our Polyurethane products. We decided on CX126 as the coving and IL3 as the Uplighter Coving.


Installation was simple with our Accessories. The Mitre Box allowed for accurate safe cutting of the Cornice, with the correct Adhesives we had the coving installed in no time. All of our products we supply come pre-primed in white, finishing with a paint colour of your choice is reccommended. We kept it simple and went for white on both the coving and uplighter to match the picture rail and woodwork. 

Finally Lighting, our LED Warm White 25W tape was laid down with adhesive backing a process anyone can do before you require electrical knowledge. The Transformer to power the lighting needed to be hidden. With the help of a qualified Electrician we managed to wire and hide the Transformer upstairs and out of sight in a cupboard. The Transformer is easily accessible for the future if any maintenance is required.

The finished project...


Both the staff member and ourselves are extremely happy with the end results. Majority of the work involved removing the Plaster coving and preparing the walls, echoing previous posts and daily discussions with clients on why you should choose Polyurethane over Plaster products. We feel the CX126 and IL3 have worked together seamlessly and considering they originate from different manufactures proves mix and matching products works well.


Take a look at our Shop today and start adding value to your home, it really is as simple as that!



Polyurethane Coving or Plaster Coving?


Example of broken plaster coving in a staff members property.


Occasionally at House Martin we get asked what is best, Polyurethane or Plaster? Certainly Plaster products have been in production longer than Polyurethane and often what you know is best! However from time to time there is exception to that rule. This is one of those times, quite frankly if Polyuretane was invented and perfected before Plaster we would not be writing this post. Polyurethane really is a better product.

The Benefits of Polyurethane v Plaster

  1. Finish - Polyurethane coving from House Martin is pre-primed and ready to paint. If using a good quality paint only one coat is required unlike Plaster which often absorbs paint requiring two coats
  2. Weight - Plaster cornice is considerably weighty when compared to Polyurethane. From shipping costs to installation, the lighter product Polyurethane is surely the winner here!
  3. Details - The moulds used for Polyurethane Coving allow for fine detailing and emphasis on lines and patterns versus traditional Plaster cornice options.
  4. Installation - Polyurethane is easily cut with a mitre box and saw. Installed with adhesive the light weight Polyurethane is easily installed by a individual.
  5. Re-decoration - Removing Plaster coving is extremely dusty and messy involving considerable time and effort. Polyurethane can be taken off much easier due to its rigidness and weight. This allows you to freshen up a room as fashions and tastes change. Plaster will crack and crumble often requiring large force such as chiselling to remove and a strong adhesive to prevent gravity taking its toll.


Orac CX126 Hove Coving being prepared to be installed at a staff members new property.

These are just a few benefits, however it does not stop there. We supply Polyurethane products in a range of different applications from Ceiling Roses to Columns, the benefits carry through to each product! Take a look at our product range today!



Casa Decor 2018


Looking for inspiration? View this fantastic short film below, created by Orac Decor. Interior designers explain what luxury means to them and how Orac Decor helps to free their personality.

Perhaps you may be inspired from the clip and the interior designers thoughts, to renovate your home today.


Using NMC Arstyl Wall Panneling

As trends and fashion move on more and more home owners are looking to designers and their ideas to finish their homes. With NMC's Arstyl wall panneling now in stock at House Martin we have a fantastic opportunity for our clients to grab a piece of the action. Use NMC wall panelling to create a beautiful centre piece in a space or use as a single unit for wall decoration.
Take a look at this video below to get some inspiration for what can be done with this fantastic wall panelling. Click here to view our elegant range of NMC wall panels.

Using Indirect Lighting

2018-02-09 11:28:12
Interior styles and designs change as time goes on. Lighting once was a convenient way to carry on our busy lives once the sun had set. Indirect lighting can now be used in various ways from creating dynamic living and working spaces to dramatic interior experiences. Creating a wow factor with the added functionality is what makes House Martin's indirect lighting ranges a essential addition to any space.
1. Leaving The Lights On
Opinions vary but using indirect lightling to subtley light a popular room for periods of time in the house has its advantages. With good quality L.E.D.s much less energy is used compared to convential light bulbs. L.E.D.s are available in a range of colour temperatures with the ability to dim creating a soft atmosphere.
2. Highlight Key Areas
Our indirect lighting enhances the architecture of your space, using the lighting to emphasis wall decorations is a personal favourite of House Martin's. Instead of a feature wall, use feature lighting to highlight your area.
3. Attractive And Functional 
Adding indirect lighting to a dark hallway helps to offer a warm welcome for you and your guests, be it at home or in the workplace. Using indirecting light to illuminate stairs is a fashionable way to add safety to any stair case.



How to match a small section or coving or cornice

2015-10-24 13:18:12

Use the below link for a brilliant video as to how to replace or repair a small section of coving or cornice. Hope it helps! Link:

Cable & Wire Tidy

2014-06-23 08:59:21

Many of our products are great to hide unsightly cables and wires. Cable & Wire Tidy. If you wish to access the wiring in the future consider fixing a small section with silicon sealent or similar. This will enable easy access in the future to pull through additional wiring and removal of old. Michael.

Repairing Orac Decor Coving Cornice Joints

2014-04-24 07:02:14

We have added a pdf to our Installation Page instructing on the repair of Coving Cornice joints. This is can be needed if the correct FX200 / FX210 jointing adhesive is not used and there is movement in the building. This will guide will make repairs easier, any further advice please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. Michael.

New Projects Section

2014-02-08 18:45:55

We are pleased to announce for our web site a new Projects Section. In this section we list a selection of major installations of Orac Decor products in the UK and around the world. Take a look and inspire yourself with ideas.

Decorating for 2014

2014-01-05 15:36:06

So the decorations have come down and now your home is looking a little tired? Well here a a few simple ideals which will make much more difference than just new wall paper and paint.

Coving and cornice in many modern homes is either missing or plain. We have a complete range that is sure to have a suitable coving cornice to suit any project and budget. House Martin coving and cornice are easy to install, need only DIY skills and can completely change the impression of a room.

Dado rail fitted onto the wall can allow different finishes above and below to create a more designer feel to your room. Our dado rails / panel mouldings can be fitted very easily as they require only adhesive to fit and a top coat of paint.

Ceiling roses are a simple and quick decoration and our Orac Decor ceiling roses are just about the easiest. Apply adhesive to the back, push firmly against the ceiling, let go and when dry paint. What could be easier?

Use our mouldings throughout the home to create a sense of continuity whilst allowing for different finishes. Order samples online or give us a call. We have many other decorative mouldings from pilasters and columns to corbels and niches.

Focus on Axxent

2013-12-16 11:42:49

Orac Decor have produced this focus on Axxent article which is brimming with ideas. Click here to take a look.