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LED Strip Up Lighting for Coving and Cornice

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LED Lighting Strip 72W Cool
72W LED Cool White
Price: £32.99
(£27.49 exc. VAT)
LED Lighting Strip 72W Warm
72W LED Warm White
Price: £32.99
(£27.49 exc. VAT)
LED Strip Kit 5m Cool
Cool LED Strip Kit
Price: £25.49
(£21.24 exc. VAT)
LED Strip Kit 5m Warm
Warm LED Strip Kit
Price: £25.49
(£21.24 exc. VAT)


LED Strip Uplighting This is a brilliant super-bright LED tape for background lighting in white or choose from 5 different colours. Producing 350 lumens per metre, this 5m LED tape has 60 LEDs per meter. The LEDs will last up to 50,000 hours; that's over 17 years at 8 hours every day. This extendable LED tape is an extremely price attractive LED lighting system combined with low power consumption. Be sure to choose the correct power supply from below.

The LED tape has an adhesive back and is quick and easy to install. There are 60 SMT LEDs per meter, with a spacing of 16mm. The beam angle of the LEDs is 140 degrees to 160 degrees. Linear LED lighting with flexible PCB and 3M adhesive backing. High intensive light output with low energy usage. This LED lighting tape is lightweight at only 0.23kg and flexible. Therefore this LED tape can be used in both rigid and flexible coving. For damp environments such as bathrooms, LED lighting tape with a IP65 rating is available at an additional £12 per 5m.

LED Strip Uplighting To extend the 5m lengths of LED lighting tape is a simple process. Simply lay the additional LED lighting tape and wire back to the driver using bell wire. Just request the bell wire and we will supply free of charge with your order. The 5m LED lighting tape lengths can be cut at 5cm intervals to end, or to be extended with the bell wire and then re-joined.

Our LED lighting tape and drivers are high quality products at competitive prices with the dimmable option. RGB and single colours are available from stock, just phone our office. If you have any questions about any of our lighting products please phone us.

* Halogen capsule 10w = 100 lumen, 20w = 260 lumen. Choose the correct power source for your installation of LED tape from our simple range guide.

Wire each 5m length back to the driver (transformer) to avoid a voltage drop towards the end. Speaker wire is recommended or a minimum 2amp cable. To avoid excess cabling a small connector block can be used at the end of each 5m length, but increase the amp rating of the cable. However normally two lengths of 5m tape can be soldered together to make 10m without visible drop off if desired.

Our LED lighting tape can be used in our uplighter coving range or as a stand-alone purchase. LED lighting can be used for above kitchen cupboards, under kitchen cupboards, tucked in recesses for mirror surrounds, window frames, door frames, shelving or behind trims. Anywhere in any room of the house where there is a recess and discrete lighting is wanted. LED lighting is easy and energy efficient. Use in with our LED Mini & LED Midi kits. Sets of 10 LED lights which can be mounted into our coving to give additional or alternative LED lighting. We offer a bespoke service for any project at no additional cost. Simply give us the measurements and we will do the rest.

Safety Notice: Whilst our skirting can be installed by DIY enthusiasts and competent tradesmen electrical wiring should only be carried out by approved electrical contractors! Failure to observe this requirement both breaks UK law, and could result in serious injury or even death. Please call in an approved electrical contractor.