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LED Strip Tape & Spot Lighting

House Martin offers a comprehensive range of cost effective LED Strip Tape and Spot lighting. Easy to install into fit into our indirect coving and skirting mouldings.

Our LED strip tape comes in 5m lengths which can be run in parallel up to any length and cut to suit. Just select the power supply based on the wattage required to be powered. To calculate just add the wattage of the length of strip tape per metre and use a transformer of at least that wattage. For shorter lengths we also have a value pack of 5m which includes the transformer. Generally the preference is to use Cool for kitchens and work rooms and Warm for living spaces.

Our Spot lighting packs with the option of Mini and Midi lights come in packs of 10 with the transformer. Use a suitable drill bit for the diameter hole required and drill from front to back as if wood. Simply slot in the Spots which have spring mounts to grip.

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