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Top Quality Market Leading Coving & Cornice Mouldings

Our covings and cornices are arguably the best quality and value currently on the market. The Premium Luxxus Coving range, Standard Axxent Coving range and Budget Basixx range. All our covings and cornices and manufactured by Orac Decor to exacting standards. Most with next day delivery*.

Premium Luxxus Covings and Cornices - Our premium range of cornices and covings are of exceptional quality. Design definition and matching is excellent as a result of being made in steel moulds. This material has so many advantages over plaster. For the full explanation see our Cornices & Covings selector page. Choose from our extensive range of sizes and designs. The range covers detailed designs and profiles for the smallest to the largest rooms. Many of these designs are also available with a flexible option for curved walls and bays. If you would like samples with a brochure of any of these cornices and covings just select the option from the individual product pages.

Standard Axxent Covings and Cornices - Our standard range of covings and cornices combine quality and value. Made by an extrusion process under quality controlled conditions this material is superior to plaster in so many ways. Not least in ease of installation. Please see our Covings and Cornices selector page for details. We have an extensive range to suit all standard sized homes with differing size rooms and styles. Samples of all the covings and cornices with a brochure are available to order from the individual product pages. So next time you decide to decorate, transform you room with the addition of our covings and cornices.

Budget Basixx Covings and Cornices - Our budget range of covings and cornices is superb value for money. Made from polystyrene with a smooth face surface which is already painted with a primer coat of paint, this is pure simplicity to install. Cut with a craft knife and simply fix in place with adhesive. For a more detailed analysis see our Covings and Cornices selector page. The Basixx covings and cornices can be purchased as box sets or now as individual lengths. Choose your profile from our extensive range which covers traditional to contemporary profiles. At these prices whole houses and flats can be decorated at a very low cost. From the product pages, samples can be ordered which are sent with a brochure.

When selecting your choice, don't miss the option of using your covings and cornices as a source of Uplighting. We have designs for florescent and LED uplighting and a range of styles that covers contemporary and traditional profiles. We supply a plug and play florescent system and LED system to fit.

Our range of covings and cornices is far more than would normally be found in retail DIY outlets, and more to the point delivered to your door. Traditional plaster installers offer a more bespoke service, but this naturally involves increased cost and time implications. Installation cost of our covings and cornices is much less as the ease of fitting is far quicker and does not require an installer to have traditional plasterer skills. A mitre box, quality saw, caulking gun and DIY skills are all that is needed.

House Martin has been supplying coving and cornices since 2001 and have considerable experience and expertise. Please see our testimonial page with customer feedback and facebook page which anyone can leave a comment on. We offer a personal service and are happy to answer any questions and problem solve with you. Please use our contact page.