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PX164 Moulding

PX164 Moulding

Price: £9.30
(£7.75 exc. VAT)
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The PX164 is an ideal trim for concealing vertical wires in the corner of a room. It may also be used horizontally to lap over DX162 architrave and create a dado rail. Each Orac Axxent PX164 is produced from man-made DuroPloymer, and is semi-finished in the factory. Once installed all that is required is one coat of paint.

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Orac dado rails, architrave and skirting boards are quality products used throughout Europe. Refurbishment will transform your home using our interior architectural mouldings. Many designs from regency to art deco mouldings are available. Suitable for both the professional trades person or the home installer alike.

Installing your own dado rails, general skills are all that are needed. Once measured, being careful of the mitre, cutting is the same as with wood. The saw, preferably a thicker blade for direction stability and with small sharp teeth. If required, any slight unevenness in surfaces can be filled using our filler. Adhesion is rapid, but there is ample time to make adjustments. With the primed surface, finishing and painting is made easier. For PX164 panel moulding samples see below.

Install using the correct adhesives.

2.5cm high x 3cm deep x 200cm long

Light weight resilient man-made Duropolymer®.

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