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KI6 Ionic Column

KI6 Ionic Column

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Discontinued - Please check remaining stock before ordering.

The Orac Luxxus KI6 column features a square base and extended plinth to create an overall height of 2695mm. This fluted column design has proved popular with many retailers as the column footprint takes up just 35 x 35cm, without compromising on the elegant Ionic style. Home Owners may find KI6 columns attractive when used in conjunction with a flat roofed canopy or portico. Inside the home these slim columns with a 10 inch wide shaft have been used in a variety of ways. One customer has even used four to create an elegant 4 Poster Bed!.

Every Orac KI6 column is produced in a lightweight easy to install hardened polyurethane, a tough and strong material. Each component has a coat of primer paint applied in the factory, and once installed will require a top coat to finish. Unlike porous plaster and gypsum columns our pillars are non porous and easy to finish. When fitting Orac columns under canopies please ensure that a structural support is mounted inside each KI6. Each column consignment is sent out with fitting instructions, and we are happy to discuss installation with tradesmen or DIY enthusiasts. Typically we despatch your consignment and can offer telephone assistance prior to installation. House Martin supply pillars nationally, from Hampshire to Yorkshire and abroard to Europe.

Install using the correct materials.

Maximum Height: 2.695 metres.

Made from High density, rigid polyurethane.

Components: K1142 Slim Ionic Capital, K1002 Slim Fluted Shaft, K1132 Tall Square Plinth

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