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KDXL1 Segmented Doric Column

KDXL1 Segmented Doric Column

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Discontinued - Please check remaining stock before ordering.

The KDXL1 Doric column has significant differences to the majority of decorative columns available on line. The most visible difference is the 3 part segmented construction. The parallel sides of this design afford the installer with infinite options when looking to create extra height. Taller variations of the 2.69 metre high Orac KDXL1 can be created by selecting additional K4002 shaft segments for every additional 700mm increment in height.

In effect the shaft is made from lightweight 720mm high fluted sections which simply nest into each other, and can be secured by our Extra Fix adhesive. The internal diameter of this design is 320mm, which affords far more space than all our other column styles, an is ideal for hiding unsightly H section steel supports. The individual K4002 segments are mounted on the octagonal K4122 pinth, and topped of with a Doric K4132 capital. Typical installations for the KDXL1 include swimming pools, and large verandas. Each component is manufactured from a tough lightweight duropolymer material, with a coat of primer applied in the factory. Decoration on site will require just one coat of good quality paint. House Martin supply columns nationwide, from Poole to Carlisle and beyond to Europe. 

Install using the correct adhesives.

Maximum Height: 2.69 metres.

Made from High density, rigid polyurethane.

Components: K4132 Doric Capital, K4002 Shaft Segment (x3), K4122 Octagonal Plinth

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