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KD6 Doric Column

KD6 Doric Column

Price: £818.80
(£682.36 exc. VAT)
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The Orac Luxxus KD6 column is a popular Doric design, with a bold fluted shaft. The column comes with 570mm high base that has a 350 x 350mm square footprint. The KD6 pillar can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Each column is supplied in a white primer, and will accept any good quality paint. Typically exterior columns are finished in white, or sandstone colours. Internal columns may be finished in a variety of styles. Specialist painting contractors can create wood or marble effects. DIY enthusiasts often pick out capital and plinth details in a contrasting colour to the column shaft.

Made from Duroploymer this is a hard and tough material. Exterior column applications underneath canopies may require additional structural support. National developers frequently add a sturdy tanalised timber to cope with potential snow loading on flat porticoes, alternatively 3 inch box section steel tubing can be used with footplates attached to both ends. If in doubt consult a structural engineer for further details.

Interior column applications can be entirely cosmetic, and will require firm installation with FDP500 to top and bottom, and FX200 to join individual components. If the KD6 fluted column is used in a bathroom or swimming pool environment, choose the FDP700 hydro adhesive at the base and capital.House Martin can supply columns from Swansea to Southport, throught the UK and Europe.

Install using the correct adhesives.

Maximum Height: 2.87 metres.

Made from High density, rigid polyurethane.

Components: K1112 Slim Doric Capital, K1002 Slim Fluted Shaft, K1132 Tall Square Plinth

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