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KD3H Doric Half Column

KD3H Doric Half Column

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Discontinued - Please check remaining stock before ordering.

The Orac Luxxus KD3H Doric column is designed to add grandeur to larger properties. The substantial 31cm (12 inch) diameter plain column shaft sits on a semi-circular plinth, and features a discrete Doric capital. Each KD3H column can be used for exterior or interior applications. The column features a 10mm thick polyurethane shaft, which can be trimmed for applications of less than 2345 mm.

Use two half columns to surround a support and one to fit flat against a wall. Choose a pair of Orac Luxxus KD3H half pillars for installations where a full column is required, but access from above precludes installation of a full column. The beauty of full columns can be created by using extra fix adhesive to join the half sections together and create a full 360 degree column installation. You may think this difficult, but in comparison to joining flimsy GRP columns it is actually quite straight forward. Each plinth will need to be fixed to installed on a bed of FDP500 (for interior applications) or FDP700 for exterior or humid applications. Then simply join components with Extra Fix, and seal the top of the capital with FDP500 (or FDP700 for exterior/humid applications). Any external installations of paired half columns going under canopies will require structural steel support, or tanalised timber to bear any loading from above. It is possible to infill KD3 and KD3H columns with concrete, but we recommend this process is done over three days to obtain the best results. Please call House Martin on 0845 519 1987 if you have any queries.

Install using the correct adhesives.

Maximum Height: 2.345 metres.

Made from High density, rigid polyurethane.

Components: K3111 Wide Doric Half Capital, K3101 Wide Plain Half Shaft, K2131 Large Round Half Plinth

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